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by Roberto Ruiz

The space of Hika Txakolindegia is an integrated space of winnery, in which there also exists a gastronomic offer managed by the cook Roberto Ruiz and his team, with a long path in this sector having managed for over more than 25 years the Restaurant “Frontón of Tolosa”

HIKA by Roberto Ruiz, is a concept of restoration in the space of a modern, unique txakoli winery,with its vineyards around and in a rural setting. The cuisine is based on local products and on landscape cooking, simple, short, and well executed preparations giving added value to our products.

Our Chef, Roberto Ruiz. A prestigious chef in the Basque cuisine who, after 25 years at the “Fronton Restaurant” in Tolosa, has joined HIKA Txakolindegia with his entire team to continue his career in this sector.

The service, we have a professional and experienced team, with a friendly and close environment that will make us feel comfortable and close, within a comfortable and convenient space, with spectacular views.


The Basque charcoal and firewood grill are the technology of yesteryear chosen as a method of combustion and roasting. The vegetables, meats, and fish on our menu pass through the fire and heat of our embers, with soft or brave roasts flavouring the products and food products on our menu.

Traditional Basque cuisine and many of its recipes are the basis of our menu of classics, fish soup, Tolosa beans, Cod kokotxas (fish cheeks) al pil-pil, stews and mamia (curd cheese).

The economic kitchenis one of our bastions, a firewood and coal kitchen that reminds us of those kitchens of yesteryear and in which we cook our stews and casseroles.

Alubia de Tolosa (black beans from Tolosa) it has been our speciality for many years. An essential dish of traditional and modern Basque cuisine, a dish that serves as a social gathering event and that is linked to our more familiar and roots-based cuisine. Our dish is accompanied by guindillas de Ibarra (hot peppers), bacon, pork ribs from euskal-txerri (Basque pork), lukainka (chorizo), morcilla from Beasain (black pudding), a whole recipe from the landscape.

The gastronomic menu is entirely prepared with seasonal products coming directly from local markets or nearby producers. A menu consisting of appetizer, three starters, fish, meat and two desserts and all of them served with a pairing of all our wines and sparkling wine.

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  • Un menú compuesto de mar y montaña con seis platos dando la opción a elegir el plato principal entre 4 diferentes alternativas. By ROBERTO RUIZ
  • 79,20/pax
  • Compuesto de siete platos, se ofrece englobar en ellos los diferentes sabores y experiencias de toda la región con productos locales y de temporada. By ROBERTO RUIZ
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  • nuestra especialidad desde hace muchos años. Un plato esencial de la cocina vasca tradicional y actual. By ROBERTO RUIZ
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  • Disfruta de una completa experiencia de nuestra bodega con una aperitivo completo con productos de la tierra marinos con nuestro txakoli blanco y rosado.
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  • Una completa experiencia gastronómica con una aperitivo corto y un menú sentado con muy completa de mar y montaña marinados con nuestro txakoli blanco y rosado. By ROBERTO RUIZ

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    Imprescindible RESERVA PREVIA, la reserva no es inmediata, se requiere confirmación por nuestra parte.

    Reservas con menos de 24h de antelación solo se aceptarán por teléfono: +34 943 142 709

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    Gastronomy in our events is an outburst of traditional cuisine and local products, our grills cook live and provide special colour, aromas, and flavour to our preparations.

    The anchovy cleaners, the cheese tuner, the oyster openers, the talogilles (talo producers), the grillers, the pulpeiros (octopus cooks), the cooks, the stewers, the pastry chefs, the cellar, a whole host of products, producers and specialists who give added value to our banquets. Country.