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Johnny Depp has shared that he has “very good memories” of The Basque Country and that he’s “obsessed” with Txakoli. He said he was “delighted” to return to Zinemaldia, that it’s “very authentic, from the start”

When Depp arrived at the Hotel Maria Cristina (in San Sebastian), he requested bottles of Txakoli for his stay there as he had fond memories about this type of wine from his last visit to the city 20 years ago.

HIKA Bodega, The HIKA Estate was selected by the actor and he fell in love with this Txakoli. So much so that he left with several bottles in the boot of the car he arrived in to enjoy during his stay.


Johnny Depp and The San Sebastian Film Festival

The well known American actor presented at The San Sebastian Film Festival the documentary Crock of Gold, he’s the Producer. Directed by Julien Temple, it’s about the figure of the leader of The Pogues Shane MacGowan.

Depp made these statements when asked about his implication in US politics, to end up saying that he’s not very interested (“it’s a pain in the arse” he said literally).

“I suppose that he’s capable of going to the bathroom alone but I don’t think about these things much. He must have an incredible sense of humour” he added.”

‘Crock of gold: A few founds with Shane MacGowan’


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