Its vineyards, in the heart of the valley of the Oria river, overlooking the Ernio mountain, draw a dreamlike landscape, unique in Gipuzkoa, a typical Basque essence. The slightly acidic plots with clayey-loam texture soils were carefully selected.

Hika Txakolina has 7 hectares of vineyards where different varieties of grapes are grown. First of all, and most importantly, local grapes from the Basque Country: Hondarribia Zuria and Hondarribia Beltza, followed by Chardonnay and lastly, the newest incorporation, the Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratia.

The slightly acidic plots with a clay-loam texture were carefully selected. They are arranged on slopes, which helps us to have good drainage and aeration, thus favoring the good management of viticulture in the face of an Atlantic, humid and temperate climate with a rainfall of around 1200-1500mm per year.

A region with less luminosity due to clouds and condensation, the vineyard receives more insolation thanks to being in plots with a special orientation and trellised vines.

The vineyard is trellis-trained (something unusual in this PDO- Protected Designation of Origin), looking for maximum sunshine to obtain better quality and ripening parameters of the grapes. In short, sustainable viticulture which, without using herbicides, seeks a suitable microclimate to prevent the development of fungi and which, together with the south-westerly winds generated in autumn, favours a dry and warm climate, ideal conditions for achieving ideal ripening prior to the harvest.


Hika Txakolina is a recently created winegrower, where all the passion and enthusiasm has been poured into the production of an exclusive, modern, and elegant Txakoli, made to be enjoyed in good company.

Built in 2016, it is a building of modern design with a very careful aesthetic, integrated into the landscape and energy efficient and equipped with the best equipment such as the Bucher Inertys press, and the Oresteo system, in order to produce high quality wines.

The entire winemaking process is designed to prevent oxidation of the must/wine as soon as it enters the winemaking cellar, thus preserving its full aromatic potential.Thanks to the carbon recovery system (oresteo system) all the wines are aged on their own lees using the very carbon it has generated during the alcoholic fermentation phase.

We have thus created a Txakoli that, in addition to its freshness, is characterized by its volume and smoothness, allowing it to age for a long time in the bottle, the personality of HIKA TXAKOLINA.


Landscape, nature, quality, flavor, service, fun, comfort …
Could you imagine being able to enjoy all this together?

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HIKA works in an integrated manner, avoiding the use of herbicides and respecting the environment.

It produces its wines with lower S02 content thanks to the Oresteo system. An innovative patented system for the management of residual C02 obtained by the fermentation processes in the wine industry that allows to improve the processes in all its elaboration stages with a great energy saving.